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Fotografía del Dr. Sigifredo López


Enfermedades hepatobiliares en felinos

Sigifredo López Arce

Médico Veterinario Zootecnista

Maestro en Clínica de Pequeños Animales

Certificado en Perros y Gatos (Concervet)

Certificado en Oncología Veterinaria


Feline abdominal ultrasonography: What's normal? What's abnormal? The Liver 

Hepatic Lipidosis. Clinical review drawn from collective effort

Bleeding risk and complications associated with percutaneous ultrasound-guided liver biopsy in cats

Treatment for cholangiohepatitis in cats

Percutaneous cholecystocentesis in cats with suspected hepatobiliary disease

Patterns of lymphocytic infiltrates can differentiate feline hepatic lymphoma from lymphocytic portal hepatitis

Pathological and immunohistochemical aspects of primary hepatobiliary neoplasms in cats

Feline primary nonhematopoietic malignant liver tumours:
A multicenter retrospective study (2000–2021)

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